Unleash your company’s full
innovation potential


… that your enterprise could effectively manage the rapidly changing market conditions by forecasting what’s ahead and actively participating in formulating the future of business and growth.

… that everyone at every level of the organization shared a common innovation language, concepts, and expertise – greatly enhancing their ability to discover new insights, identify unexploited opportunities, and develop valuable business ideas quickly and collaboratively.

… that your company had the capacity to rapidly incubate new products and services with extraordinary innovators, in vibrant physical environments and with just the right talent, experts, funders, and promoters.

… that your company could make effective portfolio investments from within and outside the enterprise that support the company’s desired future direction.

Lead the next generation of business in your industry. Don’t just survive – thrive and grow in the midst of a radically transforming, digitalized business environment.

Our services

Together with our program partners Enterprise Development Group and Patrick Cowden from Beyond leadership module the best of management and leadership consulting with a fresh new approach to business.

Our 6-stage, modular enterprise program has been proven successful but can be tailored to your company’s individual needs and position.


Beyond leadership

Your management will rediscover the core of your business – the people and their relationships and thus activate the company.

Leading the way

Launch program by aligning leaders around a compelling innovation strategy and the identification of significant business opportunities.

Extreme creativity

Apply our hackathon methodology to generate and develop bold new business ideas as if they were Silicon Valley startups

Value optimization

Guide teams though their proof of concept and prototyping activities as well as the pitching of their high potential ideas

Business incubation

Foster entrepreneurial mindset and establish architecture for innovation and business digitalization within the organization.

Business reality check

BTC Living Lab
Test the solutions in the real market environment of BTC City and participate in the BTC Living Lab – External Incubator

Fast results.

Guide your organization from opportunity exploration to prototype and market testing in as little as 3 months time.

Easy implementation.

Operate with minimal disruption to everyday activities, yet maximal employee engagement.

New capabilities.

Source ideas from within or outside the organization, implementing projects internally or as autonomous businesses.

I can say we started the workshop as 14 colleagues
and left as 14 friends.

Gregor Kosi,CEO Lidl Slovenija

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